Want To Help Restore Balance To Chronos Island? Here’s Your Chance!

season’s challenge mini game

Chronos Island is a beautiful place, a paradise for those who love nature. But the island is in trouble. The once pristine environment is now threatened by a carbon imbalance and we need your help to restore that balance to the island.

By playing the Chronos Seasons Challenge game, players get the chance to contribute to Chronos’ natural beauty.

There are four challenges, one in each season, and you’ll need a keen eye and a good sense of direction to complete the tasks.

  • Win the race with the solar-powered car in summer

Clues are found at the innermost sections of each season. Start in summer and work your way through the challenges. Make sure you read the clues carefully. All the information you need is contained within them. You can also check out the lore behind the game for more context.

Everybody Loves A Good Game!

Games have always had a special place in our hearts. They take us to new worlds, introduce us to new people, and let us be somebody we’re not. They’re a break from reality, a chance to forget our troubles and just have fun.

This game was designed by the pissed-off-labmgr, a metaverse scripter and web3 enthusiast. He has professional expertise in web app development (JavaScript, Node.js, and WebXR), and has coded both mobile web and WebVR apps during his time as a laboratory manager at an R1 university.

Along with collaborating on several university grants, he has also designed a new model for language labs (“smart language labs”) and has co-authored and co-presented on this topic with other researchers in top-tier peer-reviewed academic publications and professional conferences. The lab manager also has a diverse work background in IT, and has been a techie since his first batch file in DOS.

Voxels mini-games and those of our community have always been popular. Whether you’re scavenging for a pirate’s lost bounty, on a treasure hunt for Solomon’s treasure chest, or scanning Chronos Island to help restore its environmental balance, Voxels is a corner of the metaverse where there is always something fun to do for a welcome respite from the stresses of everyday life.

The Chronos Island mini-game is up and ready to play. So go at it! And have fun.

Start here!

Let us know on Discord if you deserve bragging rights for figuring it out!

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