King Solomon’s Treasure Hunt On Voxels!

2 min readJun 8, 2022
King Solomon’s Treasure Hunt On Voxels

100 Treasure Chests & Keys have been hidden on Voxels. Find both to get an opened Treasure Chest with a key!

Love the Voxels metaverse? Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned treasure hunt? The satisfaction of finding objects you’ve been seeking for hours is incomparable. And in a metaverse, where there is so much to explore, treasure hunts are arguably even more fun!

Explore our vast world with your friends, search for the hidden objects and scramble to solve the puzzles. For those who love the thrill of the hunt, there’s nothing quite like a good treasure hunt to get your heart racing. So grab some friends and start exploring — who knows what you’ll find!

With only 3 ultimate winners being able to unlock King Solomon’s Treasure, better get in quick to claim your loot!

In A Nutshell:

  • Find a treasure chest and a key hidden around Voxels
  • Enter Solomon’s Temple and find the clues to unlock the Key of Solomon
  • Use that key to unlock King Solomon’s Treasure!
King Solomon’s Treasure Hunt On Voxels

The Thrill Of The Hunt!

You’ll need to first find an unopened treasure chest and a key in Voxels. The first 100 people to WOMP them with the hashtag #SolomonsTreasure & their wallet address will win an opened Treasure Chest. The locked chest and key need to be burned to get the opened chest.

(1 item will be awarded per location to the first person that finds it. The items will be awarded chronologically using #SolomonsTreasure on Twitter. The earliest time-stamped message, Tweet, or WOMPs will be awarded.)

Tag @Tewz1 on Twitter or send a message to TEWZ on Voxels if you want, but that is not necessary.

Those first 100 people will receive an opened treasure chest, which is required to enter Solomon’s Temple, where you use the clues to find the Key of Solomon. The clues are:

Matthew 13:44

Matthew 19:21

(Biblical stuff, right? King Solomon was the king of Israel who built the first Temple in Jerusalem. A long time ago!)

The Key of Solomon is a Mnemonic Code consisting of a 12-word seed phrase that unlocks a wallet containing King Solomon’s Treasure! There are only 3, so get hunting!

We love a good treasure hunt at Voxels. Gather your wits, your friends, and all your resources, and good luck! (But don’t forget to have fun too!)

See you at the hunt! | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Wiki | OpenSea