Find The Pirate’s Lost Treasure In A New Treasure Hunt!

2 min readJun 14, 2022
treasure hunt on Voxels

If there’s one thing we learned during the hunt for Solomon’s treasures it is that our community loves a good treasure hunt!

We know that finding treasure is a thrill that never gets old. And that’s why we’re sure you treasure hunters out there are going to love this.

Steeped in the lore of a developing interactive scavenger hunt game, the Voxels community is invited by the Land Development DAO and @degenzden founder @SArmstrong42 to join the scavenger hunt for a pirate’s lost treasure in a mountain hideout.

A Letter, Some Clues, 16 Hidden Treasure Chests

It all starts at the Land Development Trading Co. parcel on Venice Island at 1pm EST (5pm UTC) on June 15th. While the event may last up to a week… early birds do tend to get the worm in these kinds of things.

Players will begin in an office with a letter to read.

They will then click on a portal to be teleported to an elaborate maze and tunnel system that interweaves through the inside of a mountain… where only the brave dare enter.

treasure hunt

Fear not, though, eh mateys, there will be clues galore, items to collect, and tasks to accomplish in this labyrinthian cave system.

There are 16 hidden treasure chests to be found. Who among you will be brave enough, clever enough, quick enough, and determined enough to find one?

And what exactly will the bounty be?

Find out on June 15th at Parcel 7543. | OpenSea | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | LinkedIn | Reddit | Wiki | Lore