The Builders Of Elevation District, Architect Island: Part 1

4 min readJun 6, 2022
Architect Island, Elevation district
Architect Island, Elevation district

With sales of Architect Island continuing, we’re soon to open up parcels in Elevation, the northern district of the island, with a landscape dominated by an eclectic mix of Megavox homes.

These incredibly unique feats of metaversial architecture were spawned from the creative minds and countless hours of building by some OG Voxels builders known to many in the community: Ottis, Fabio, and wackozacco.

We’re so blessed at Voxels to have these talented builders in our community, that we wanted to shed some light on what they love about Voxels so much that they’d contribute to our most recently added, and first turnkey/prebuilt, island.

Ottis’ Cathedral on Architect Island
Ottis’ Cathedral on Architect Island (parcel 7929)

First, we sat down with Ottis.

OG Voxel Builder Ottis

Ottis has been building on Voxels for over 14 months and it is now his main job. Clearly, he is a builder of great passion, and for him, Architect Island “represents all of the architects that love this virtual world.”

Ottis told us that he was:

“… looking to achieve a nice set of different buildings with different styles, pushing my art limits to a new standard with this project, since I’m not building for me or for my clients, but for general collectors.”

Any collector who decides to purchase one of his buildings will get to own augmented reality effects that others can also enjoy, a link enabling the owner to put the building on their own house, or on their own table using AR. He will also be giving collectors an exclusive ‘Purple Valley T-shirt’, one of his first wearables ever minted in Voxels.

Ottis’ purple futuristic building on Architect Island
Ottis’ purple futuristic building on Architect Island (parcel 7957)

The main appeal of Voxels for Ottis is its accessibility. “I looked at a lot of different virtual worlds, and because I’m from Brazil, I was looking for one that’s really easy to load so I can bring all my family and friends to my “Purple Valley Party” (a party that I’ve throw every Sunday in 2021 for over 4 months to bring Brazilian artists and musicians to “the Metaverse”). So, Voxels for me is about accessibility.”

The almost-instant load times on a web or mobile browser have always been a strong feature of Voxels among its community of players.

Ottis also likes the way he can build with native voxel blocks, which he feels makes it easier for those with no or limited design skills. “For those that have already built in Minecraft, for example, Voxels is very easy to learn.”

The builder also spoke highly of the ease with which builders can simply drag and drop files from their PC into Voxels and build something with them.

Ottis has been an artist for over 15 years and has struggled to make a living out of it. Voxels has changed all that. Voxels gives him his own virtual canvas where he can express himself artistically. In his Purple Valley Gallery, for example, Ottis can create experiences that would be impossible to recreate IRL.

“Big purple trees, characters falling from the sky, my God of Art blessing interaction, etc. Because I don’t have an IRL gallery, in the Voxels virtual world I love this concept that we can build things that are impossible to recreate IRL, without worrying about gravity.”

Purple Valley

For Ottis, ‘Purple Valley’ is a magical world where nature is purple and there is no violence. He mixes 3D, AR, VR, Voxel art, wearables, and proto-metaverse parties to bring a fully immersive experience to his artistic universe.

Check out his newly minted Purple Valley masks:

All of Ottis’ latest wearables are 100% created in VR, and all of his Architect Island buildings include details created in VR. The Purple Valley project, which turns the green color of nature into purple was an AR effect that went viral on Instagram, with over 6 billion impressions, 25 million shares, and over 170 million photos taken with it. It even got the attention of Vogue, Maluma, and celebrity, Paris Hilton.

Sales of Elevation parcels are coming soon, so make sure you check out some of Ottis’ work there, as well as on other islands.

Next up, we’ll be putting the spotlight on wackozacco! | OpenSea | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | LinkedIn | Reddit | Wiki | Lore