Spotlighting Nvllsekt, Chronos Island’s Atmospheric Sound Designer

3 min readJul 6, 2022


Chronos Island clock tower from winter

The second you teleport to any of the Voxels Islands, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a different world. And that’s because each island has its own unique theme and vibe.

We have always been serious about creating unique experiences for our community, and developing islands that appeal to different people. Diversity is king at Voxels.

It is likely there’ll be an island that tickles your taste buds in Voxels. And that’s not just visually speaking. Every island has its own unique audio flavor, designed to augment the look and feel of the island.

Chronos Island’s Ambient Sound… Designed By Nvllsekt

Mona Peters is Chronos Island’s lead designer, but for audio, we had the very talented Nvllsekt design the soundscape.

We caught up with Nvllsekt and asked the artist about their first impressions of Chronos, to see what it was that formed the inspiration during the ambient music design process.

“To the best of my ability, I wanted to stay true to the ambience used around Origin City, while also adding my own. Some of the current ambience within the voxels metaverse hits me with some early world builder and SimCity background music, blended with Boards of Canada and aphex twin ambience. Loving all of those myself, that’s the direction I went with, while also trying to reflect the theme of the island.”

In fact, for Nvllsekt, Chronos Island itself is art. They spoke of “how each area reflects a season, the colors, the massive clock tower in the center of it all, [how] the shape of the island can be interpreted as a clock face…”

Nvllsekt was early to hear some of the cheeky ‘season-themed island’ leaks among the community ahead of Chronos’ release (we don’t know how that stuff happens), and was already excited for the island before it was launched.

Chronos Island clock tower, view from Autumn

A Voxels Aficionado

It is probably fair to call Nvllsekt a big Voxels fan. One of their favorite things to do is wander around the world and see what new developments might dot the landscape.

“You never know what amazing builds or who you might discover… you just get blown away by the level of creativity or the amount of effort put into making some of this stuff.”

Nvllsekt is a well-known NFT artist with work listed on Known Origin, SuperRare, and Hic Et Nunc. For their contribution to Chronos Island, however, Nvllsekt drew on some of the artist’s musical background.

The widely known NFT entity’s musical background is largely experimental, involving “a lot of making weird sound effects and background music for modded servers.” They have also created a few music projects under random aliases. Mainly, Nvllsekt is interested in creating, building, and being a part of building Web 3.

Chronos really catches the eye, but the next time you’re there, make sure you do as Nvllsekt does and wander around and explore. As the island grows, there will be more and more to see and do. In the meantime, however, take a listen to the Chronos Island ambience.

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