Yo Folk! The $FOLK Airdrop Has Been Completed!

2 min readAug 9, 2022
yo folk

We have airdropped $FOLK tokens!

Yo Folk is a social media platform for open conversation. And to help celebrate the Voxels community and encourage tipping on Yo Folk, we have airdropped $FOLK tokens to around 12k wallets.

After a snapshot was taken on 19th May, $FOLK was dropped to wallets according to the following:

Voxels parcel holders

- 32 $FOLK per parcel.

Voxels community contributors

- 4 $FOLK per community member

(A community contributor was defined as a player who has done one or more of the following:

  • Put on a costume in world
  • Contributed to another player’s parcel
  • Taken a womp

It’s about building, about celebrating, and about getting interactive.

$FOLK Tokens Are In Your Wallet!

You don’t need to do anything. If you’re eligible, you’ll soon see some $FOLK in your wallets. To add the token into Metamask, just follow these instructions:

If your Metamask isn’t yet configured with Polygon, you’ll need to add Polygon to it. To do this, follow the official Polygon docs:


(There is an automated and a manual process. Both are quite easy. Just follow the good people of Polygon).

Having added Polygon to your wallet:

  • Open Metamask and ensure the Matic mainnet is selected (up top).
  • Click import tokens (down the bottom).
  • In the token contract field, enter: 0xE05fba9fb4796deDf2E81e6F85F11D0fd6f1aDE0
  • The token symbol and decimal should automatically populate (FOLK / 18).
  • Click ‘Add Custom Token’.
  • Click ‘Import Tokens’.

Then you’re all set to head on over to Yo Folk and tip some fellow folks for, well, whatever comment has illuminated your day!

Liquidity is on Uniswap, so get tipping and swapping.

Keep building, keep creating… and keep talking! We’ll see you at Yo Folk!

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