Voxels Welcomes 3iQ To Its Metaverse

Voxels is proud to announce that 3iQ has established its metaverse headquarters in our world!

3iQ Corp. is a Canada-based digital asset management company that helps investors “navigate and understand the evolving digital asset space with investment solutions that provide exposure to cryptocurrencies.” It was the first Canadian fund manager to offer a public bitcoin investment fund and a public Ether fund, and currently holds assets worth more than $2.5B CAD under management.

Its funds trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

So Why A HQ In Voxels?

As we enter an age where Web 3 begins to replace Web 2 (and aren’t we all happy to see that happening?) and where the metaverse is beginning to entrench itself as a place to be, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to establish a presence in this new, immersive digital world. The Web 3 world, that is.

While the metaverse is still in its infancy, it is growing at an exponential rate and is quickly becoming the go-to destination for social interaction, entertainment, and commerce. Establishing a metaverse presence now will give companies a leg up on the competition as the metaverse continues to evolve.

There are a number of reasons why having a metaverse presence is so important. First, it allows companies to build direct relationships with their customers. In the metaverse, customers can interact with brands in a more personal way, and companies can use this interaction to better understand their needs and wants.

Second, a metaverse presence gives companies a way to reach new markets. The metaverse is global, and businesses that establish themselves early on will be able to tap into new customer bases that they may never have had access to before.

Finally, being present in the metaverse provides companies with an opportunity to create entirely new experiences for their customers. With the right team and creative vision, businesses can build metaverse experiences that are unlike anything that exists in the physical world. Or, really, in the Web 2 world, either.

On choosing Voxels as their metaverse of choice, 3iQ Cryptocurrency Analyst Connor Loewen said:

“We chose Voxels because it’s an open-ended metaverse instance. Custom textures and scripts were a priority for us, as well as an “unfederated” community.

I think the coolest part of the property is we worked with the Toronto Stock Exchange and bridged real stock market data into a metaverse instance. This was only possible with Voxels.”

Visit 3iQ In Rome, Origin City

3iQ’s Metaverse headquarters was established in Rome, Origin City. There you can take a look at the tickers of their funds and trading information. Get to know the managers behind 3iQ’s funds.

You’ll find their headquarters on this parcel, launching today, at 1pm EDT | 5pm UTC.

Feel free to also check out their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about the work they do.

Voxels has many partners — established and in the pipeline — so make sure you keep updated!

Voxels.com | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Wiki | OpenSea




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