Voxels Development Update Week Ending 22 July 2022

2 min readJul 22, 2022
Voxels Weekly Devs Roundup

We’ve been busy lately, and our devs have been working hard to keep up with the community’s desire to see Voxels continue to improve. Once the best corner of the metaverse… always the best corner of the metaverse. The Voxels virtual world is hot and heating up.

Once again, our devs have managed to squeeze some extra time in to get some improvements deployed and bugs squatted. Here they are:

Bug Fixes

We released some scripting fixes as below:

We fixed isAnonymous, bad player object, and kicking in spaces.


We released some more improvements during the week, edging Voxels towards a better and better virtual world experience. Here they are:

- We made the “Send token” UI slightly easier to use.

- We added a “Tip” button on the parcel page for parcels you don’t own and spaces pages

- There is now better SSR loading for collections and events pages

- We made small changes to the costumes’ backend to prepare for a slightly bigger approaching refactor.

In terms of scripting improvements, we added player.askForCrypto to ask crypto from the user, which is useful for tipping purposes. Users can, of course, decline from tipping.

As always, we’re grateful for the hard work of our devs. They help to make sure that our users have a positive experience. Let’s take our hats off to them. Thanks, devs!

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