Voxels Development Update Week Ending 20 May 2022

This was another busy week with more bugs fixed. We also released a simple tool that allows users to host their own scripting server.


  • No teleport show effect on pre-existing avatars.
  • Search bar added to the collectible model.
  • New flag added: self_hosted_vss= to support self-hosted scripting servers (as part of a feature that is currently in beta).
  • Enabled anti-aliasing by default.
  • New scripting bundle js with documentation at https://cryptovoxels.github.io/scripting-bundle/

Thanks to the active community members, the following bugs below were fixed.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed search for collectible in costumer.
  • Fixed rotating Youtube features.
  • Fixed island colour and made them brighter.
  • Fixed cubes.
  • Fixed cubes with no colours.
  • Fixed on sale markers on the map.
  • Fixed getPlayers() (was returning a set, now returning an array).

If you are not yet on our discord, please join us here and report any bugs you encounter while in-game. Stay tuned for the next weekly update.

Happy playing Voxelians!



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