Voxels Development Update Week Ending 17 June 2022

Our devs did a power of work on bug fixes and updates this week, ensuring Voxels remains the best corner of the metaverse. We’re community-first and always have been, and our work behind the scenes to make your Voxels experience the best it possibly can be is something we are committed to every week.

We keep our community up to date during the week on our Discord channel, so make sure you’re following our announcements. Here are some of the developments for the week.

Bug Fixes

Avatars will now load better when players enter the Voxels world. And we placed an emphasis this week on Scripting issues that were hampering performance. For example:

- We fixed hosted scripting

- We fixed audio issues related to scripting

- We fixed getPlayer scripting, returning a map

Further Bug Fixes

- Fixed some server-side rendering issues

- Fixed the opening admin panel in-world

- Fixed the right-clicking by anonymous users issue

- And we did some backend refactor work


We did some work on enhancing the in-world experience for our community. When using Explorer in-work, users can see parcels with the most activity by emojis over the past month. We hope this helps those who have hosted events and been active in Voxels get some more attention.

We updated the Torus login to include more options. Users can now log in using Twitter, discord, etc., as well as Facebook.

We added a feature on the map that allows players to find islands more easily through search.

We hope that this ‘Explore Islands’ feature makes the map more navigable for everyone, and especially for outlying islands.

We have added Polytext-v2 behind a feature flag (polytextv2=enabled). Polytext-v2 will gradually replace Polytext-v1 in the future. This offers great performance improvements, lighting improvements, and more color choices.

Polytext v2 won’t be collidable outside a parcel, meaning that, while it won’t break all currently collidable objects outside parcel boundaries, future polytexts won’t be collidable outside parcels.

We also revived the OpenSea webhook, so #parcels-trading will instantly post parcel listings and parcels bought.

Forthcoming Features

We plan to add FOR RENT and FOR SALE indicators on parcels that are available for rent or sale. These signs will be clickable, using the new OpenSea SeaPort API. This is the beginning of our work to start the refactor of some OpenSea API calls to use SeaPort.

That’s all for the dev roundup this week. We hope you’ve had a good one, and will have an even better one next week.

Remember, some of our team will be in New York for NFT.NYC, and we encourage you to come along to Meta Underground if you’re in the area. There will be pizza, pool, build talks, and music.

Stay cool!

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