Voxels Development Update Week Ending 13 May 2022

2 min readMay 13, 2022


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The Voxels development team is one of the most awesome groups of people you’ll ever meet. They’re smart, hard-working, and always striving to improve the metaverse. Voxels wouldn’t be where it is today without their dedication and commitment to making it the best it can be.

Every day, the Voxels development team works tirelessly to fix bugs and update the metaverse. They’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve Voxels and make it even more awesome. And they’re never afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty when it comes to coding or testing new features.

If you’re ever lucky enough to meet the dev team, you’ll quickly see why they’re so amazing. They truly are a force to be reckoned with!

We always keep the community updated with bug fixes and enhancements in our Discord announcements channel, but from now on we’d also like to put a spotlight on all the improvements to the world’s greatest metaverse every week.


After rigorous testing and checks, the dev team released Babylon 5 on Monday, meaning faster rendering for all Voxelians. Here is a list of additional improvements and additions the team made during the week:

- Support for animation easing functions (in the feature editor)

- Gnosis safe support

- Deleted some unused code

- Added a filter to the asset library to filter by feature type

- Added running animation

- Added refraction (see-through) to the water on high graphics

- Deleted meme cubes

- Changes to Nerf discoverable features (all discoverables are transformed to vox-models)

- An avatar’s favorite parcels are now shown on their profile.

- Parcel historical versions now have their id and images, if any, shown and parcel versions should now load faster.

- Users should also notice a small performance improvement on videos. They won’t start auto-playing until players are inside the parcel, and there is improved unloading of parcels.

  • There has also been a Metadata change, the details of which you can see in this tweet:

Bug Fixes

As always, the dev team was also kept busy working on bug fixes, as below:

- Fixed collision frame freeze

- Fixed white frame freeze

- Fixed images scooting to the side

- Fixed dropbox in videos

- Fixed weird looking polytexts

- Fixed missing reflection for some parcels

- Fixed the condition to create a collection

- Fixed the z-fighting introduction

They also made it easier to select features in the list of features tab. (Once you start a selection, you can click wherever on the feature name to select it.)

Voxels is already the world’s greatest metaverse with the greatest community. Our devs are hard at work making it even better!

Stay in touch!

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