Voxels Development Update Week Ending 10 June 2022

Awesome architecture in Section district, Architect Island

With the release of Chronos Island, our devs were working 24/7 on getting our newest island ready for launch mid-week, so bug fixes we wanted to get around to had to be put on the backburner for a week.

Have you wandered around Chronos Island yet? Parcels are selling as week speak, so be sure to get yours in the season of your choice.

Having said that, we were able to address a few things during the week in Voxels improvements and bug smashing, so here goes:

Bug Fixes

We fixed the CSS on the top-bar name input when users are signed out. We also fixed the problems some were having with uploading media and the duplicate womp issue. And for those of you uploading costumes and the scale was bad on uploading, we fixed that.


We released the beta version of the ability to self-host scripting servers. (Refer to this for more guidance: https://wiki.cryptovoxels.com/en/Scripting/self-hosting).

We also introduced the ability to upload snapshots to IPFS.

Stay in touch, check out our new island and let us know of any new builds you see as you explore that you really like.

Enjoy the weekend, Voxelians. Stay safe out there.

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