Voxels Development Update Week Ending 1 July 2022 (Including A Major Change For Those Who Love Their Wearables!)

As usual, our work to make Voxels the best world we can is a continuous journey, one we are engaged in every week. It is, of course, a labor of love for our fabulous devs, who toil through thick and thin, Covid and non-Covid, before NFT.NYC and after.

Our aim hasn’t wavered: to make Voxels the best world in the metaverse.

This week, along with the usual bug fixes and improvements, we are so happy to also announce a major change when it comes to wearables. Here goes…

Bug Fixes

We fixed the asset library script and the test for empty collections. The avatar page social button was not working properly, so we fixed that. We also fixed a number of other bugs on the site:

- We fixed the small bugs relating to conversations.

- We fixed a small bug relating to signature checking on guestbooks.

- We now prevent picking when placing features inside a megavox bounding box. This reduces lag.

- We fixed a bug with the Blendmode option in the editor.


Loading and unloading of parcels is now faster. We made some snackbar improvements and updated the Multiplayer client. We also added a new worker to make the loading of vox-models a bit faster.

We noted that while running around (holding SHIFT) lots of vox-models and megavox parcels that there was a lag. We have made changes to remove that lag.

We removed the ping when holding SHIFT during conversations and added search to the feature list (when editing parcels).

We also replaced links to cryptovoxels.com with voxels.com as part of our full migration post-rebrand.

But what you really wanted to hear is…

The Wearable Limit Has Increased From 9 To 12!

We know how much our community loves the wearables they can don in Voxels. Voxels wearables are part of what gives our world the color and vibrancy it has.

We are going to see some more changes to wearables in the forthcoming period as our community continues designing cooler and cooler avatar adornments, but this week we increased the number of wearables you can have in a costume from 9 to 12!

So grab those extra accessories you’ve been eyeing off and flaunt them around. Especially as the VoxTours Fashion Show fast approaches! (8pm EST, July 1st in case you forgot).

We’ll see you in the world, with your new wearables, and we’ll see you at the Fashion Show on Vibes Island!

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