Top 10 VoxCon womps from the Voxels rebranding event

10. “Yumika looking amazing ❤” at VoxCon VIP Lounge by patternbase

9. At VoxCon Learner’s Camp by EEAR_PLUG

8. “Flying High!” at VoxCon Mermaid’s Atmosphere by 4everKurious

We will reward this runner-up too by the mermaid — “VOXCON BITCHES !!!” by Bittty

7. “Can i upload a VRM plz” at VoxCon + HQ City Center entrance by SHED_MAN

6. “The power” at VoxCon Lexx’s Vision by CryptoChild

5. At VoxCon VIP Lounge by 84DG3R

4. “VoxCon 2022” at VoxCon Speaker Stage by regency

3. “Ben Nolan party!!!!” at VoxCon Learner’s Camp by Ezincrypto

2. “Just takin a break” at VoxCon Patternbase’s Direction: Club Andromeda by Ezincrypto

1. “‘CrYpTo iS jUsT a bUbBLe’ This bubble ain’t poppin.” at Welcome to VoxCon! by caiside.eth



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