Top 10 VoxCon womps from the Voxels rebranding event

5 min readMay 4, 2022


Last night Cryptovoxels changed our website to Voxels with a new logo and refreshened homepage. We held a 2 hour event at VoxCon that featured a new VRM avatar by Marcus and Jetski’s team called VIDDA, live DJs Marcotic, PurpLeTariat, and EvaFlow, a metaverse documentary by Paradoxx, thousands of giveaways at The Giving Tree, Q&A from Ben and Benjy, chats with our hosts skybravo and bitpixi, and more folks mentioned below. We learned from that Q&A that soon you will be able to mint your womps!

Which brings us to the reveal of the best womps from the VoxCon event who will each win a Pastel DSL Camera wearable from Yumika.

10. “Yumika looking amazing ❤” at VoxCon VIP Lounge by patternbase

The camera creator herself, Yumika is pictured here in a rare area (which would yield you extra points on Pokemon Snap game)… speaking of Poke look-a-likes… who are those floating buddies? Everyone was complimenting Yumika on her gorgeous jaw-dropping outfit. Braga is there in the background strutting up the red carpet using the token-gated key — the Andromeda Space Helmet by Pointshark, on their way to the hot tubs with anti-Cult of the Eye propoganda. Patternbase truly captured this Very Important Person area.

9. At VoxCon Learner’s Camp by EEAR_PLUG

This picture is so chaotic and cringey, that I couldn’t pass it up. I see a VIDDA booty, a bnolan, and a lot of wearable-covered woody avatars with animations. There’s also a herd of floating cats, an upside-down bus, and a hoodie that says CRYPTO on it. “Hell’s bells!” as skybravo’s mom exclaimed the first time using Voxels, I don’t even know what’s going on!

8. “Flying High!” at VoxCon Mermaid’s Atmosphere by 4everKurious

I, bitpixi, had been struggling to take an angle shot from this direction that included as much of VoxCon as possible.. even with the secret flag &distance=far added to the end of the URL to reduce the fog, but 4everKurious nailed this even with the fog! The spirit of Voxels builders is truly alive here, such as the flying mermaid by Mermaid, the Ride Park by thebeatminer, and Lexx’s Vision in front of the main stage. Wow!

We will reward this runner-up too by the mermaid — “VOXCON BITCHES !!!” by Bittty

7. “Can i upload a VRM plz” at VoxCon + HQ City Center entrance by SHED_MAN

We love to hear feature requests and we love this pose! We see you, SHED!

6. “The power” at VoxCon Lexx’s Vision by CryptoChild

CryptoChild had some amazing womps as a trash can hiding amongst regular trash cans, featuring GhostAgent’s Banksy build, but this one really caught my EYE. What looks to be a bin projecting at high rainbow speeds through space, making us feel the joy of what it’s like to fly through the metaverse.

5. At VoxCon VIP Lounge by 84DG3R

Sometimes feeling sad in the champagne-laden VIP area purple-water jacuzzi is exactly the vibe you need right now. This froggo is holding a “Make Art Not War” sign, maybe upset with the recent fueds over the Eye Cult vs. The Church of VIDDA? Or maybe their date simply forgot to join the tub…

4. “VoxCon 2022” at VoxCon Speaker Stage by regency

Really great group shot at the speaker’s stage. Appreciate everyone who came out to this event, grooving to the tunes and listening to ThePhilosopher’s Voxels Lore. I’m happy for the smooth transition of our domain name. The world is nothing without all of your love.

3. “Ben Nolan party!!!!” at VoxCon Learner’s Camp by Ezincrypto

Fun fact — BNolan’s brain is actually so intelligent and large, that we had to shard it into many tiny neural nets hidden deep inside of these blue tracksuits.

2. “Just takin a break” at VoxCon Patternbase’s Direction: Club Andromeda by Ezincrypto

Um… EZ? Brookhawk? I guess when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

1. “‘CrYpTo iS jUsT a bUbBLe’ This bubble ain’t poppin.” at Welcome to VoxCon! by caiside.eth

The title of this caiside womp was heartwarming and the shot was creative. Cryptovoxels (now Voxels) has a long 4 year past, and although some say bear market summer is upon us, that’s a builders dream time to work work work!

Congrats to the winners. Cameras will be flying into your wallets soon. We hope to catch you all at the next VoxCon party located here if you want to check it out and until then — happy ‘smores time by Stellabelle and Ghouli. Happy Wackozacco cow dance on snooker table. These are our friends, our fam. Hit F to fly in the friendliest, most buildery-est virtual world in the world!