Post Modern Talking By MetaCat & Gallery20

2 min readJul 15, 2022


post modern talking

MetaCat and Gallery20 join forces this Friday, 15th July at 1pm EST (5pm UTC) to present Post Modern Talking at the MetaCat and Gallery20 Hall on Andromeda Island, Voxels.

Part 1 of the Post Modern Talking special will feature 2 hours of mixed style music from the two Ilyukhs: Ilya Kolesnikov and Ilya Polyarush. Radio station Silver Rain Stavropol will be streaming into the parcel from 1pm, so make sure you’re early to get in your two-hour/twin- Ilyukh fix.

the two Ilyukhs

Music In The Metaverse

We love music here at Voxels. It’s one of the things that brings people from all walks of life together. That’s why we host a lot of music on our platform and always welcome new musical acts to use the metaverse to get heard more widely.

We have seen a wide variety of musical genres, from pop to metal, hip hop to lofi, even jazz, hit the streets of Voxels. Our platform is the perfect place for music lovers to discover new bands and artists, and we’re always happy to see people with different tastes find the perfect tune for their mood.

This will be the second show in a short time for MetaCat and Gallery20, having very recently hosted Jazz Voxelles — Summer Harmony, a rooftop concert at the Gallery20 art gallery.

They’re really contributing to a lively corner of Andromeda Island, and this event is sure to be a not-to-be-missed one!

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