Planet Pride: MetaPride Land’s Massive Celebration Of Pride Month On Voxels

3 min readJun 18, 2022


MetaPride Land is, in their own beautifully expressed words, “a ubiquitous destination launching in the world’s leading metaverse platforms with an unwavering commitment to support the global LGBTQIA+ community.”

The pristine area around Barents and Dendrite on Igloo Island might look calm and tranquil now, but on June 25th…

On June 25th it is going to be rocking!

A 12-Hour IRL Concert Live Streamed Into Voxels!

Fun is in the air! The June 24 to 25 weekend is shaping up to be a blast, and we can’t wait to see you let loose on Igloo Island. Saturday is the big day, with a festival spanning 12 whole hours!

Make sure you dress up in your favorite wearables and get ready to dance, have a good time, and make a bunch of new friends. You won’t regret it.

Saturday, June 25th, 4:30pm EST (8:30pm UTC) to 4:30am EST the next day.

Ink it into your diaries.

MetaPride Land will be hosting a 2-day event to celebrate Pride 2022. Planet Pride, a festival that promises to be the biggest pride festival ever, will be on Day 2. IRL the party will be at The Brooklyn Mirage. In the Metaverse, it will be on Igloo Island.

We’re talking 12 hours, 6 parties, 3 stages, 6 of the largest LGBTQ+ events in NYC in 1, a star-studded line-up of talent, music, art, immersive experiences… in short an unforgettable, mind blowing event-to-end-all-events kind of event.

And it will all be live streamed into Voxels, co-hosted by over a dozen parcels.

Did We Mention The Line UP?

When we described this event as star-studded, we weren’t joking. We’re talking some serious talent, including, (but of course not limited to):


SG Lewis


LP Giobbi


Ty Sunderland

It’s a celebration of pride.

A celebration of being yourself, of community, of creativity.

With a focus on disempowering discrimination.

Make sure to also check out MetaPride Land’s socials on Twitter and Instagram.

This event will be huge.

Just jump into the BMA section of Igloo Island and look for the big concert tent.

MetaPride’s longer term plans for the metaverse include offering counseling and other support services, providing a safe space for people who need it (LAND), and celebrating “pride without boundaries” (FEST).

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