Pastel Island: A Twitter Spaces Talk About Lore

Love Library Talks “Pastel Stories”

The Importance Of Lore In Voxels

Lore is the body of stories, myths, and legends that surround a particular subject. In Voxels, all islands have their own lore, their own reason for existing, and a history of how they came to be and why they are themed the way they are.

Voxels lore helps our community connect to each island’s sense of history and depth. It also helps guide the direction of the islands’ development, as the mechanics of each island are informed by lore, by history, and a purpose.

Our lore provides flavor and context for events that take place within our metaverse, making it feel more alive and real. Lore is an important part of Voxels, providing a rich backstory and setting for the world. It also helps create a sense of belonging among users, as our community actively contributes to Voxels lore.

A Casual Twitter Spaces Chat About Pastel Island Lore

Hosted by Voxel community member Ciel and our very own The_Philosopher, Lore Library Talks: Pastel will be a casual chat about Pastel Island, which was “once a distant kingdom called Candyland, where everyone lived a life of happiness, harmony, and sugar until some zombie gnomes from Scarcity began to invade the island.”

They’ve covered Origin City and Scarcity to date, and this time around, on June 15th at 4pm MDT (6pm EST | 10pm UTC), Pastel Island will be the focus.

Voxels is, and will always be, community-first and Lore Library Talks is a wonderful community event we love to see happening.

Don’t miss it!

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