Pastel Adventures: New Mini-Game Set To Launch On Pastel Island

Pastel Island Pastel Adventure

The Voxels metaverse is set to get a new in-world game, called Pastel Adventure. Where else but on Pastel Island, the Adventure begins at 9pm EST this Friday, 13th May.

The objective of the game is to bring color back to Vantablack Castle, freeing the island of the fog that has rendered all the adults subdued in daydreams. To do this, you need to find and collect the COLR key. This is the key to Vantablack Castle, which is locked. Your job is to find the COLR key, enter the castle and help the children bring color back to the castle.

The magic of color will enable the witches to use the Pastel Potions to heal the zombies and awaken all the adults.

Steps to save the adults of Pastel Island:

  • Find the COLR key using hints from the characters around you and buy it on OpenSea
Welcome to Pastel Island

A Land Scarred By A Zombie Takeover

The island was once a paradise, but then the scarcity zombies invaded. The witches tried to develop a potion to heal the zombies, but the experiment did not go as planned. Not only did the zombies remain, the potion mixture became a thick fog that spread across the island.

The fog made all the adults begin to daydream, and their children began to go wild without supervision. But even amidst this chaos, the witches never gave up trying to find a way to heal the zombies… and the adults. Now they need your help!

In order to break the spell and wake the adults up from their daydreams, the witches need access to those potions to make Pastel Island the zombie-free technicolor paradise it once was!

There are three potions inside the token-gated Vantablack Castle, with each one representing a suburb of the island. Enter the Castle, find the potions and click them open to reveal a button. Click that and you will bring color to Vantablack Castle and the potion to the witches.

However, the witches’ potion production is harming the sea and the Atlantis. So anyone who holds a parcel in Voxels is able to remove the sea pollution using a filter in the witchcraft center. The first to achieve this will receive a 1/1 wearable.

Voxelians, get your potions ready! It’s time for some Pastel Adventure!

The action takes place here on Pastel Island.

Don’t be late! The mini-game kicks off at 9pm EST on Friday (1am UTC on Saturday).

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