Meta Underground @ NFT.NYC

Early bird RSVPs are limited to the first 50 people, so get yourself on the list fast!

They call it the biggest, most outlandish, and most extravagant gathering of NFT creators, artists, admirers, users, gamers, and enthusiasts in the world… and who are we to disagree?

Voxels will be at NFT.NYC doing a host of things, including showcasing our fab metaverse to the three or four people who don’t yet know how cool it is. And even though the 4-day event is still a while away, June 20th will creep up faster than you know it… and we wanted to share details of a special event we’re co-hosting so you can RSVP early and help celebrate our 4th anniversary.

Voxels Turns Four!

In some ways time has flown, in others it has been a breeze welcoming new Voxelians to our ever-growing awesome community. And in still other ways it has been a whirlwind adventure. (Speaking of time and weather-related things, have you checked out our new island?)

Anyway. Back on topic. Voxels is turning 4!

Voxels’ VIDDA

And we’re celebrating with some of our community members in Lower East Side, Manhattan, during NFT.NYC. Join us!

Key things to know:

The Event: Pizza, Pool, Music, NFTs, Speakers

Beautifully described as an IRL playground celebrating Web 3 Art, Music & Community, Meta Underground with Voxels and RARA! is co-hosted by us, Netheryonder, and RARA! and will feature the following lineup of speakers for the builder talks, hosted by Sky Bravo:

  • Our very own Ben Nolan (founder of Voxels)
  • Lawson Baker, founder of RARA!
  • Our very own BitPixi (community manager and so much more @ Voxels)
  • GeekMyth (Voxel artist + community manager)
  • Tattoo Bums
  • Paper Buddha (digital artist & I Love Lucy Aficionado) and
  • Ang Ramm (film photographer & curator)

Builder Talks will go from 5–8, but the doors will open at 4pm for a pool tournament, with pizza for everyone at 4:30!

There will be prizes including a free Voxels parcel! Check it out:

After The Builder Talks

Following the builder talks the music will be pumping ‘till 11pm, so bring your dancing shoes! Performances will feature MaiWorld, David D’angelo, Sky Bravo & Schtompa (Jason from Cherub).

More RSVP slots will open up later, and we’ll be streaming the event into the metaverse, but still: it is always good to be among the first!

Can’t wait for NFT.NYC!

Can’t wait for Meta Underground! | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Wiki | OpenSea | Netheryonder | RARA! | NFT.NYC



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