Forming Vol. 1 By The Lexicon Devils & Juicebox

2 min readJul 22, 2022
Forming Vol. 1

The Lexicon Devils and Juicebox have come together once again to create a special event in Voxels and this one has some surprises in store.

Called ‘Forming’, the event is a concert featuring artists who submitted to be part of the festivities over the past month and were chosen by the hosts. All submissions were non-public videos, so what this event promises is undiscovered, Web3-focused, musical talent.

An Experimental Hyperverse Concert

They describe Forming as an experimental hyperverse concert. It is a virtual party at the Juicebox HQ parcel on Voxels, boasting performances from a curated lineup of four new Web3 talents and their original recordings.

That four will share in the proceeds raised for the event via a treasury.

According to the Lexicon Devils:

“We want to demonstrate the ease and capability of Juicebox to be used as a tool to demonstrate how radical transparency can facilitate creative production and give other Web3 artists a sip of what Juicebox and Voxels can offer for their Web3 stack.”

Forming Vol. 1 represents not only an enjoyable performance and concert experience in the metaverse, but also demonstrates the impact DAOs can have on the careers of performing artists.

We’ve come a long way since the advent of the Bitcoin era, and we’ve seen how NFTs can change an artist’s life, just as DeFi can change lives among the unbanked. The Lexicon Devils and Juicebox want to bring the power of true decentralized crowdfunding to the arts, deploying smart contracts and NFTs to do it.

The lineup will be announced July 22nd, with the concert the next day.

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