Don’t Miss Out! Four Builds By 4everKurious Selling July 13th

5 min readJul 7, 2022

Of the half a dozen builds our awesome community builder 4everKurious developed in Section district on Architect Island, 4 will be listed for sale on July 13th.

These pre-built, turnkey parcels are all one-of-a-kind premium buildings, perfectly combining design flair and functional elegance. They’re the latest in our Architect Island series of scarce, custom-built designs and we can’t wait to see them in the hands of the Voxels community.

4everKurious has developed fully furnished parcels, but for anyone who buys one, she is happy to help make interior design changes or swap out certain features in the first month.

Does metaverse land get any better than this?

Let’s take a look at the builds.

Pastiche Terrace at 2 Pastiche Terrace

Pastiche Terrace features 6 apartments and 1 penthouse. On the ground floor, there is a coffee shop with outdoor seating and a boat dock! Next to the coffee shop is an empty retail space that could be used by a savvy buyer for anything.

Pastiche Terrace at 2 Pastiche Terrace

Don’t want to walk all the way up the stairs to get to the top floor? Teleport from the ground floor by clicking on the mailbox in the mailroom.

The parcel is next to a community garden and bar on parkland next to the airport. The boat dock has plenty of room for more creations, and the apartments boast a large inventory of art and furniture.

Pastiche Terrace is a towering accomplishment in metaverse building and sure to be highly sought after. Don’t miss it!

PMC Pastiche Media Co. @ 3 Pastiche Terrace

PMC Pastiche Media Co. @ 3 Pastiche Terrace

With an open space on the ground floor for retail, PMC Pastiche Media Co. is a full-service media company, with office space, six TV/YouTube studio sets, and a top-floor sound studio for podcasts or a radio station.

PMC Pastiche Media Co. @ 3 Pastiche Terrace

There are ocean views to one side and canal views to the other, and the building has a lot of furniture — 4everKurious really knows how to deck out her builds to the fullest!

For anyone in the creative arts — from YouTube influencers to podcasters to recording artists — this is a fully turnkey parcel designed to suit all your needs. (Not to mention it is a high-profile presence in the metaverse.)

2 Concept Avenue

2 Concept Avenue features three lofts, a tavern with outdoor seating and a small stage, and also boasts canal views. Meticulously decorated, the building would suit those who like the living-next-door-to-their-social-space lifestyle; those who like to host events on the ground floor of their loft apartment.

Your living space:

2 Concept Avenue

Your social space:

2 Concept Avenue

And last but not least…

Zen Center @ 7 Pastiche

Zen Center @ 7 Pastiche

Zen Center is 4everKurious’ foray into an entirely different theme. It is a wellness/zen center, featuring a bonsai garden on the ground floor, a mid-floor yoga or meditation room, and a space for reflection on the 3rd floor.

If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we all need a little zen in our life. And here’s the place to get it.

Looking for a fully decorated place to chill out in the metaverse? Zen Center in Section district can be your happy place.

The Lowdown On 4everKurious

4everKurious has had an interesting journey discovering her place in the metaverse and NFT landscape. Trained in art and photography, she found it difficult to financially support herself through art, so went into the restaurant business. Despite 40 successful years, she yearned to one day return to the arts.

“About a year ago I pulled myself out of (almost) all operations and started a journey to find the next chapters in my life. That is how I transitioned into 4everKurious.”

After being nicknamed the ‘Ikea of Voxels’ for her wearables, furniture, and other home goods, 4everKurious was keen to add her feminine touch to Architect Island when tapped to build on some parcels.

For the creator, collector/curator, photographer, digital artist, and now metaverse architect, this collaboration with Voxels is all about exploration and she is keeping herself “open to new possibilities.”

“My current life is about experimentation, learning, and fun. As I delved into Web 3, crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse, I found myself returning and spending the most time on Voxels. I find the building process very meditative. I started in spaces, and eventually was offered some land to build on and this is where my building addiction kicked in to the point where I purchased a few plots. I do not have any set goals for this collaboration.”

4everKurious expressed incredible enthusiasm for being involved with the Voxels community, describing it as warm and supportive. We like to think so, too.

Our corner of the metaverse loves to see great builders developing the world. But we love how the Voxels community has grown to be so strong and welcoming. As 4everKurious herself puts it:

“The building is fun but the community is amazing.”

These parcels will be put on auction on July 13th. Make sure you’re around to make a bid. As premium builds, we expect them to see some action! | OpenSea | Rarible | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | LinkedIn | Reddit | Wiki | Lore