CV’s Discord Update

Late last night, right on April 1st, other Discord servers were briefly compromised through bots’ exploit. It seemed like a bad April Fool’s joke. This time, the attackers posted malicious links on notable communities such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles and more. Earlier in the year Azuki and Deadfellaz’s Discord experienced similar attacks.

Discord related phishing incidents have been at record highs. Scammers are getting smarter and more sophisticated with their attack angles. The message that appeared on the BAYC server promoted the never seen “Mutant Ape Kennel Club”. Several individuals fell prey to the fake advertised collection and lost their high valued Mutants, BAYC, and Doodles in this latest Discord incident.

Fake minting scams have been a major trend in the last six months. Since the attack on our own Discord earlier in the week, we remain committed to a stripped-down permission structure. Discord monitoring audit also remains the top of our priority. We have since verified the losses and reimbursed most of the victims who fell to the scam. A couple more people are still pending investigation.

Our community is very important to us. We want to emphasise the importance of keeping yourself safe. A few very important tips going forward:

  1. Be very careful of announcements containing ’stealth mints’.
  2. Always verify the right links.
  3. Never ever share your personal information, screen share your wallet, sharing seed phrases, and passwords.

As a closing statement from our founder, Ben Nolan:

“Hey team, we were awoken at 2am on Tuesday morning that an unknown attacker gained moderator rights to our discord server and had launched a phishing attack on our users. We have worked hard to restore parcels back to their rightful owners and compensate other victims. Phishing attacks are rife in the crypto space, this is a reminder of the importance of good security, both by us and by our community. We appreciate your patience with us, we let you down and we know we must build back up the trust you have placed in us. Thanks fam.

There are so many exciting things ahead of us, we will come back from this incident stronger.

Onward and upward.

Cryptovoxels Team




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