Cryptovoxels is Voxels

After four years of amazing growth, it is time to take the Cryptovoxels metaverse platform to the next level. Voxels is not just a name change. It represents a natural next-step for Cryptovoxels, expanding our metaverse to a whole new audience.

From May 3rd at 8pm EDT (May 4th at noon New Zealand time) Cryptoxels will become Voxels.

Why the name change?

Crypto can be intimidating for some people not well-versed in cryptocurrencies. And while blockchain technology is a key cornerstone behind decentralization and the metaverse revolution, it is important to welcome those more familiar with Web 2 and established brands looking for a metaverse footprint, so that we can grow with our community to usher in a whole new user base!

The promise of Web 3 is immense. But that promise needs to be more fully explained and enjoyed by the entire internet. That includes:

  • Those who don’t use crypto (yet)
  • Those who have grown used to a centralized Web 2.0
  • And brands that want to enter the realm of the metaverse as it becomes more mainstream

We want everyone to know that the metaverse is NOT just Facebook, but nor is it a corner of the internet to which very few are accustomed. Cryptovoxels was one of the first in the metaverse and we are growing. Without abandoning those things that are very important to us: our community, our independence, and our commitment to the future of decentralization.

We have a well-entrenched reputation in the metaverse revolution. Lead Developer and Product Owner Benjamin Larcher said that: “As a brand, Cryptovoxels grew extensively and maintained an image as the most user-friendly and accessible metaverse. I am committed to continuing to enhance the Voxels experience. This includes performance improvements, more accessibility, more features, and most importantly, more value to the community. As a player, I am eager to see Voxels become a better Cryptovoxels.”

So what does it mean for our community?

Voxels welcomes the continued support and involvement of our awesome community as we embrace a wider user base.

Voxels will continue to boast:

  • User-friendliness
  • A community-driven, decentralized ethos
  • Scarcer virtual land than our competitors
  • Allowing users to build on free spaces and submit wearables to public collections for free
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • NFT gating
  • Land Rental

We will continue to add themed islands, mini-games, and community-generated stories.

In brief, rebranding to Voxels represents a pivot toward a new audience base that can join our community, and will in no way change all those things that our community loves about Cryptovoxels.

To celebrate the launch of the new name, we are introducing the Land Rental feature that will become available starting on May 4th 2022. We will also be introducing a new character named VIDDA, an AI with a heart that gives inspiration to new people in the game, as a symbol not only of the rebrand, but also of our dedication to visual, intent, design, direction, and atmosphere. A community member, builder, and multi dimensional artist Shinji Akhirah contributed to the creation of 3D VIDDA.

While Voxels’ new website won’t be launched until the second half of the year, the rebrand on May 3rd (US) or May 4th in New Zealand, will be celebrated with the launch of VoxCon, the newly created Voxels headquarters in the metaverse, on Andromeda Island.

VoxCon will host a show to celebrate, with musician, reggae singer Evaflow, a couple DJs PurpLeTariat, Marcotic, a workshop by OG crypto artist Stellabelle and metaverse builder Ghoulish, and a special AMA with the founder/CEO of Cryptovoxels Ben Nolan as well as Benjamin Larcher, Product Owner/Lead Developer. VoxCon will be co-hosted by Voxels’ Community Manager Bitpixi and Netheryonder founder Skybravo.

Any logged-in attendee who signs the Guestbook on the Giving Tree by the entrance will receive at least a dozen collectibles by many contributors.

Kicking off this new chapter in Cryptovoxels’ history promises to be an event that celebrates our origins, embraces the future, and ushers in a whole new era for one of the most-loved metaverse platforms in the sector.

Pencil it in: May 3rd, 12am UTC, 8pm EST (May 4, 12pm NZT).

We can’t wait to see you there! | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Wiki | OpenSea




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