Come For The Jokes, Stay For The Giveaways! The Comedy Verse Grand Opening

The Comedy Verse is about to make a big name for itself as the premier comedy venue in the metaverse, if not the real world, too!

We rarely like to paint platitudes in such broad strokes as this, but Mike Salvi just might be the funniest person in the metaverse. In addition to being a stand up comedian, he’s a self-described sat stacker, the first comedian with NFTs, and founder of the first ever metaverse comedy club.

Resumes like that don’t come easy, so we’re really pleased to host Mike in Voxels this Thursday, June 30th at 9pm EST (1am that same night UTC). The night will mark the grand opening of The Comedy Verse’s metaverse comedy nights.

Comedy In the Metaverse… Now That’s Post-Modern!

When it comes to comedy, the metaverse is a unique and fascinating place. Rather than being limited by the traditional constraints of time and space, comedians in the metaverse are able to explore new and innovative ways to make people laugh. This has led to the development of some truly unique and inspired comedic creations, ranging from traditional stand-up routines to more experimental forms of performance art.

And because the metaverse is constantly evolving, there’s always something new and exciting to see when it comes to comedy. Whether you’re a fan of the old classics or you like seeing comedians push the envelope, the metaverse is sure to have something that will make you laugh, giggle, cringe, cry, and everything in between.

And with Mike Salvi at the mic, you won’t be disappointed.

There will be member drops as well as comedy, and an all-round good time for everyone. Anyone who attends will receive an exclusive NFT, wearables, a chance to be whitelisted & more.

Mike is pretty intent on forging the way forward for stand up comedians to bring their acts into the metaverse, and The Comedy Verse is ground zero of that effort. (Don’t forget to check out his Discord).

Where: The Comedy Verse, Miami Island

When: Thursday June 30th @ 9pm EST

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