Chronos Island: A Celebration Of Time And Seasons

4 min readJun 7, 2022

Chronos Island is about to emerge on Voxels (available on limited basis starting on June 9th at )

Voxels’ newest island, was originally inspired by the humble clock.

The clock is more than a time-telling device. It’s an ancient symbol of the passage of time, and it still fascinates us today. We stare at it to mark the seconds, minutes, and hours as they slip away.

Although our virtual world is illuminated by a perpetual source of light, clocks still serve an important function in our community in marking the passage of days, weeks, and seasons.

In addition, clocks can be used to track events happening in different parts of the metaverse. For example, if you’re attending a virtual concert in Voxels, you might use a clock to keep track of when the show starts and ends.

And just as importantly, with the passage of time over a year, clocks usher us into and out of seasons.

All Four Seasons On One Island

In agrarian societies, seasons hold special significance as they dictate planting and harvest times. Most cultures attach rituals to different seasons, and this remains true in modern times, as seasons affect our fashion, how we go about our daily lives, and the natural environment around us.

Chronos Island has 400 parcels divided up into four districts of 100 parcels each. The districts are themed by seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

And that was a laudable triumph itself. Chronos lore has it that the island has struggled for climate and environmental balance throughout its history, so maintaining appropriate CO2 levels will be at the forefront of its new owners’ minds.

Each district has its own unique weather patterns and color palette. While some people prefer one season over the others, we think that each has its own special charms. Some love the crisp air and vibrant colors of autumn, while others enjoy the long days and warm temperatures of summer.

Regardless of your favorite season, there’s no doubt that each one brings something special to the metaverse. So why not take a moment to appreciate all four seasons on our newest island? You might just find that you have a new favorite time of year!

The Clock Tower

In the center of the island is a tall clock tower that displays UTC time, the day & date, as well as daily CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

It has a viewing platform from which players can look out over the island. Each side of the clock tower faces a particular district and is color-themed to match the season that defines the district.

The island itself reflects the theme of time in other ways. It has an overall rounded clock shape, and some street names and areas, such as Blue Night Bend, Sunrise Palace, and Times Square, relate to the concept of time.

Chronos Island will play host to a number of games, and given its textured relationship with time and seasons — things that are deeply part of the human experience — the island will also be a place where we can contemplate the most critical issue facing us today as fellow Earthlings: climate change and the environment.

Chronos Island parcel sales will be launched on the newest island, in the southeast corner of the Voxels map, on June 7th EST | June 8th NZT.

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