Boom Into Web3 Social!

TSA NFT will be hosting a month-long event called Digital 20/20 Towards Digital World at the TSA NFT DAO building in Voxels from June to July 3rd.

The future of marketing is digital. In order to stay ahead of the curve, companies will need to invest in digital technologies and establish a strong presence in the metaverse. This can be achieved by combining traditional social commerce programs with marketing strategies designed for the Web 3 world.

Digital 20/20 is a month-long event designed to help companies understand all the intricacies of successfully leveraging the metaverse and collaborating in the digital world. There will be keynotes, case studies, strategy sessions, and networking opportunities.

Network, explore all the opportunities the metaverse has to offer, meet new friends and expand your contact list, and learn how to develop a strategy to make the rapidly evolving metaverse space an effective marketing tool for your business.

The Event Locations

Make sure you RSVP:

The Digital 20/20 event will be giving away exclusive NFT Magic Boxes to reward attendees, sponsored by TSA NFT Incubator. There are two kinds of Magic Boxes: the Digital 20/20 POAP NFTs and Back to DeFi Future’ NFTs. Here’s how to claim:

Go to the Digital 20/20’s ocean venue for the opening and training.

Check out the TSA Gift shop and fashion show.

We hope this will prove a great event for the community, whether you’re already familiar with the metaverse or just developing an interest in this fascinating space. | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Wiki | OpenSea




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