ANTIPOP! Exhibition By Ernesto Asch @ BlockEureka

Don’t miss this exhibition of NFTs by Ernesto Asch at BlockEureka this Saturday, June 25th, at 12 pm EST (4 pm UTC).

Ernesto Asch is a celebrated artist from Costa Rica, whose work you can find on Known Origin. The analog and digital painter’s work “is characterized by a strong and forceful expressionist vision of the human figure, imbued in abstract contexts of great chromatic power.”

BlockEureka celebrates the work of top Latin American NFT artists and is an organization that is committed to blending art culture and technology. They were, in fact, the first NFT digital art gallery in Latin America. Their interests lie in VR and augmented reality and in growing the appreciation of Latin American artists.

ANTIPOP! The Metaverse Exhibition

The exhibition is an electric, eclectic, and energetic celebration of crypto art anarchy, co-curated by @Mattey_nice. Hosted at the BlockEureka Gallery near Doom in Origin City, ANTIPOP! is a must-visit two-to-three-hour event for NFT enthusiasts.

Asch is known for his interest in a range of styles and media, including tokenized physical paintings, Jung-inspired Black and Whites, his chaotic M O V I N G J U M P I N G A N X I E T Y G I F S, and his abstract experimental work.

This will be a rare opportunity to see Asch’s work on exhibit in the metaverse and is likely to attract a sizable crowd. So whether you’re a fan of contemporary art or just looking for something new to do, be sure to check it out.

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