Alotta Money: Tribute

VoxelArchitects memorial installation in The Scarlett Factory, owned by WhaleShark

The community came together to celebrate the life of Phillipe, better known as “Alotta Money after his passing from cancer (1973–2022). It may have been one of the first times that an active builder in Cryptovoxels has passed away, so everyone was working on preserving the builds, voxel art, looping animations, and stories.

One of the main things people were saying about him was his sense of humor and how he could build such mesmerizing creations in short periods of time.

You can view a builds tour here: The Rose Nexus, Rendar Gallery (Railroad Apt.), Maker’s Place Gallery, Alotta Money’s Secret Lair, VolTi Towers, The Belvedere, Alotta Voxels, Alotta Maison, and 1 Tulip Trace.

From fantasy voxel cars to surreal sideways buildings, to enter into an Alotta build is unexplainable. It’s hard not to stare at his signature motif of the black and white four-eyed Monty Python inspired character. There’s something mischievous, adventurous, and freeing about his constructions.

One of the last self portraits made by Alotta Money, “The Silly Vox” in WizardX’s 32x32 collection

There were tears and laughter of the memories that we have heard on the Twitter Spaces audio chat and in the Cryptovoxels tribute parties. His life was larger than life, which we can see spilling over into fan art and environments.

A new build to remember him

Hundreds of people have looked up to Alotta for his positivity and perseverance in the face of dangers, his openness to onboarding people into Web3 technologies, and for his otherworldly animated artworks.

Alotta’s artwork placed in a real-world gallery on display screens by Kingofmidtown

For those who knew him in person, and for his family, his daughter, we can not imagine the heartbreak to lose someone so dear, so early. We know that his art and his legacy will live forever in the blockchain, but we wish there was more time. Many people are trying to find a way for him to live on.

Screenshot of the 50th birthday bash at the Voxel Hotel, by Nonfungibles

“He would have loved this,” people were typing at the Voxel Hotel birthday bash, for what would have been his 50th birthday. “We should do this every year.” Not only was Alotta Money a great artist, but he was an inspiration.

A tribute video by Paradoxx

“I try to make things I would have loved to see and at least smile at, That’s my selfish creative rule. And to be paid for that is a fucking blessing.”
Alotta Money

A photo of Alotta Money shared by Pranksy

He was a pioneer in Crypto Art and a friend to many. May he rest in peace. ❤




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